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Data Licensing with GrantScape

Connect your clients with the widest-reaching dataset of grant opportunities, representing millions in funding from federal agencies, state and local governments, and private foundations. Granular filters are available to surface the most relevant opportunities, and historical grants award recipients are available for further contextual review and analysis.

Grant Opportunities Data

The GrantScape team has done the hard part so you don’t have to compile ALL grants opportunities data into a single common structure and taxonomy. With GrantScape, your clients will be able to visit a single source for their grant-seeking needs and navigate with confidence.

Quality data: Our team of experienced researchers has been compiling grants opportunities data for years, and we additionally employ automated quality control checks to catch and resolve common errors at scale.

Frequent updates: We employ web tracking technology to notify us when a new grant has been posted, ensuring that we can capture the information quickly. We also ingest opportunities data from Grants.gov daily.

Flexible ingestion: We will work with your technical team to facilitate most any delivery requirement for data ingestion: daily flat file or API; CSV or JSON; etc.

Opportunities Data: By The Numbers

Active Grants

Grantor Profiles

Awards Data

Just as the GrantScape team has compiled grants opportunities from all sources, we have also successfully developed a comprehensive dataset of grants awards. The dataset is inclusive of both federal and private awards, sourced from USASpending.gov and the IRS Form 990 respectively.

Millions of records: The GrantScape awards dataset is huge, comprising virtually all federal and private grants awarded over the past 5 years and, as such, includes over 34 million awards records and is constantly growing.

Complete context: Our team has done the work to unify federal and private grants awards under a shared taxonomy and data structure, and – crucially – to de-duplicate grant recipients. Each award record includes details like award amount, award date, place of performance, grant description, grantmaking entity, and more.

Ongoing updates: As our team collects further awards records from USASpending and the IRS the awards dataset will grow, reflecting the most complete perspective of grants awards anywhere.

Awards Data: By The Numbers
2 million+

Grant Recipient Profiles
34 million+

Grant Awards
$250 billion+

In Private Awards History
$110 trillion+

In Federal Awards History

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